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Speaking & Consulting

Dr Zareen believes that outstanding leadership is forged out of the most challenging and testing times. When you realise that the bigger the challenge or problem, the better a leader you will emerge from it.

Having lead national and international projects as a CEO within different industries, she understands first-hand the challenges organisations and business teams face. Her speeches, workshops and coaching are engaging, practical and impactful.


From remote mountain villages in Pakistan, universities and boardrooms, to organisations and government departments around the world, Zareen has inspired groups to discover their true leadership potential. Her capacity to understand the unique circumstances of individuals and teams, combined with her personal experience, knowledge and ability to communicate is unlimited. Her passion to empower and unwavering commitment to unlock the potential of those she works with has transformed the lives of many.

Contact Zareen to discuss your vision and strategies and explore the possibilities for inspiring fresh thinking within your own leadership as well as your teams.

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