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The Gift  - One woman's journey from tragedy to building a global business for good


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In "The Gift: One Woman's Journey from Tragedy Building a Global Business for Good," Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed chronicles her inspiring transformation from heartache to hope. Through riveting storytelling, this book is far more than a memoir – it's a guide to making a positive impact in the world through entrepreneurship and altruism. Dr Ahmed’s journey began with a personal tragedy, which she harnessed as a catalyst for action to build a lasting legacy in her daughter's name. Gift Wellness, her social enterprise, not only revolutionised the menstrual product industry with natural and sustainable offerings but also became a beacon of social responsibility.

The book illuminates Dr Ahmed's relentless commitment to eradicate period poverty through the Gift Wellness Foundation. She shares an enlightening account of her venture into product innovation, her tireless efforts in branding, and her hands-on engagement in philanthropy, including distributing menstrual products to refugees and the launch of a community-led app called Period Angels.

This is not just a story of entrepreneurial success, but also of personal growth and genuine dedication to creating a more equitable and compassionate world. With invaluable insights into the world of social enterprises, and touching on themes such as innovation, environmental sustainability, and menstrual health, "The Gift" serves as an empowering and motivational read for anyone yearning to turn adversities into opportunities to serve humanity.

Unearth the transformative power of kindness in business and let Zareen's indomitable spirit and vision guide you on your path to making the world a better place. 
Available on Amazon from 14th November 2023

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